Driving License with heavy trailer (BE, B96)

Welcome to us to either take an extended B (B96) or BE. We use a manoeuvrable and powerful Golf GTI and an easily operated Sävsjö Trailer.

Most people who need a B96 permission takes about 2 lessons on average.

Most people who need a BE permission takes about 2-4 classes on average.


If you do the driving test for the extended B-permission (Code 96) in an automatic car after July 1, 2017, your new driver's license will be issued with a Code 78 (automatic) condition. This means that you are only allowed to drive cars with automatic transmission when the vehicle combination requires extended B-permission.


  1. Verify that you meet these requirements from Transport Styrelsen
  2. Get a vision test report. Form can be found here.
  3. Pay the application fee. More information can be found here.
  4. Apply for a driving permit. Online application.
  5. Book your first lesson.
  6. We will contact you by post or email and we will agree on the date for the course.
Sävsjö - Tel: 0382 - 614 40
Vetlanda - Tel: 0383 - 100 85
  Important Documents
  Price Information
Basic charge - books, theory abd internet based tests are included 2,100:-
Driving lesson per 50 min 900:-
rentel driving test 1,500:-
B96 (extended B license) package price
  • 2 driving lessons
  • rental of car at driving test