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Published 31 March 2020

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Published 24 March 2020

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Published 18 December 2019

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Published 18 December 2019

Electric Car

Published 04 March 2019

We have now recived our new automatic electric car

An renault ZOE

Compact, quick and zero emision

Driver licence loan for unemployed

Published 15 July 2018

Driving license loan for those who are unemployed.

If you are unemployed and fulfill certain criteria, you are eligible for CSN loan for B driver's license.

At most, you can borrow SEK 15,000; the money is paid out in tranches during your driver's course - each payment is SEK 5,000. You can only eligible for this loan once with time-limit of one year.

Driving License Loan

Published 01 June 2014


We collaborate with Resurbank where you can apply for an interest-free loans. The advantage is that you can get your driver's license and pay off in 12-24 months. 

You contact us by phone 0382 61440 or 0383 10085 10:00-16:00 (Mon - Thu)


Lotta Schultz