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Basic charge - books, theory lessons and internet based tests are included 2,000:-
Accommodation - price per night 500:-
Intensive Course price
  • 11 driving lessons
  • Risk 1
  • Risk 2
  • Overtaking
  • Garage
  • Also included:
  • Warm up pre-test
  • car insurance during test

B - Driving License Intensive Course

This course has been very popular and successful since its launch in spring 1984, which means that the school has 30 years of experience in intensive driving courses. A new course is started every Monday at 09:00. If possible, we will arrange a time that suits you. When you sign up for this course, please make sure that you have a driving permit ready so that we can plan your tests in good time.

Slots are available from week 49 and forward

Get your driving license during the winter. Many believe that it is more difficult during the winter, but it's just the opposite. You run considerably slower due to the road conditions and have more time to plan your driving.

Advantages of this type of training

  • Number of lessons; when you live in a large city it often requires more lessons because it is harder to drive there.
  • Once you have paid for the course will receive a digital package with study material. You will also have access to our internet tests. This gives you a good basic knowledge and helps you with the theory.
  • It is easy to drive in Vetlanda which has a good road planning. Most people manage to take their driver's license in just a few lessons.
  • We accept up to eight students per week and you will have all the help and support that you need.

Private driving practice

Private driving practise increase your chance to pass the first driving test. It gives you more driving experience and improves your muscle memory. With this experience we can concentrate our training on specific issues and details that is required by Trafikverket for driving licenses.


  1. Verify that you meet these requirements from Transport Styrelsen
  2. Get a vision test report. Form can be found here.
  3. Pay the application fee. More information can be found here.
  4. Apply for a driving permit. Online application.
  5. Get an instructor för private driving practice. Requirements on instructors
  6. Alternate driving and reading theory.
  7. Risk 1 and Risk 2. Requirements for taking theory and driving tests. (They are included in this course).
  8. Make an appointment for the course (we will sign you up for the theory and driving tests). Book
  9. We will contact you by post or email and we will agree on the date for the course.
  10. When arriving at the school, please bring a valid ID document or passport, driving permit and your bedlinen.
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